Asian Cookbook: 1 Dish Easy Eastern Meals of Authentic Singapore Delights: 15 Best Flavors of Singapore Homecooking Style Meals (The One-Dish Easy Eastern Recipes Cookbook Book 2)


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A Cookbook of Singapore Delights
The 15 Best Authentic Singapore Local Cuisine Recipes
Your Taste and Experience of Comfort Home Cooking

Singapore is a beautiful young nation and one of her greatest charm is the special few handful of dishes that have gone far and wide overseas in the best restaurants because it is something you would crave and desire for again if you’ve ever been here and had the chance to get your hands and taste buds on these dishes. However, these dishes are somehow always modified and tweaked in different parts of other country cities in their restaurants to cater to their local taste buds. So it naturally just loses its real authentic flavor, which is a great shame.

Singapore dishes may look easy, but the timing and precision are very important to retain and extract the best flavors. You will definitely have a fun and exciting time trying out Singapore dishes for the very first time from home and there is a world beyond ‘Singapore Chow Mein’ in this diverse multicultural island on your menu in the western Chinatown.

Here in the second book, you will find the best 15 local dishes that would last you for the next 31 days and require slightly more time and effort to put together. Some of these recipes are more of a ‘once every fortnight celebratory dishes’ that you can share over small intimate dinners with friends and loved ones and serve to impress. It has gone through a meticulous selection to ensure these dishes are simple enough to prepare at home in order for you to experience it in a unique way even if you reside thousands of miles away from this cosmopolitan multi-cultural island of food lovers.

* Actual food photography of each dish included to aid you in gauging the accuracy of how the end product of your meal should look like. ( Inside Kindle Version )

Paperback will not have photo images to keep the costs at its minimum for you but every copy will allow you to download a Kindle version for free

Paperback will also incude ‘My Cooking Notes Log’ at the end of the book

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