Bradshaw On: The Family: A New Way of Creating Solid Self-Esteem

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Based on the public television series of the same name, Bradshaw On: The Family is John Bradshaw’s seminal work on the dynamics of families that has sold more than a million copies since its original publication in 1988. Within its pages, you will discover the cause of emotionally impaired families. You will learn how unhealthy rules of behavior are passed down from parents to children, and the destructive effect this process has on our society.

Using the latest family research and recovery material in this new edition, Bradshaw also explores the individual in both a family and societal setting. He shows you ways to escape the tyranny of family-reinforced behavior traps–from addiction and co-dependency to loss of will and denial–and demonstrates how to make conscious choices that will transform your life and the lives of your loved ones. He helps you heal yourself and then, using what you have learned helps you heal your family.
Finally, Bradshaw extends this idea to our society: by returning yourself and your family to emotional health, you can heal the world in which you live. He helps you reenvision societal conflicts from the perspective of a global family, and shares with you the power of deep democracy: how the choices you make every day can affect–and improve–your world.

From the Publisher

dysfunctional families, self-esteemdysfunctional families, self-esteem

Families, like species, can go into extinction!

Understanding how this can happen gives us valuable information for strengthening our families for future generations with values that emphasize the importance of strong marriages and mature, efficient parenting.

Our new awareness about how families shape our identities forces us to take parental discipline even more seriously and moves us to learn what discipline really means.

The family is the matrix of character—the most likely place for us to develop the foundation for true virtues and to internalize real and abiding values. We need to learn more about these matters, as the family is clearly being threatened and is failing to deliver virtuous people.

The relevance of this book is more urgent in view of the regressive cry for traditional values. We need traditional values. The information in this book makes that clearer than ever before. But the plea for traditional values that we most often hear today is asking us to go back to a monarchial system of hierarchical power and to reinstate the rules of the poisonous pedagogy.

Paradoxical as it might seem, to return to these traditional values will cause more divorce, more abusers, more teenage drug abuse, more chaotic undisciplined children, more unthinking people who will become the pawnlike followers of any strong, articulate, opinionated and rigid leader.

Dittohead co-dependents are not the virtuous people of character that we need for the new age of deep democracy. As chaotic as modern family life may seem, the high divorce rate and runaway children can actually be seen as expressions of an emerging deeper democracy. Unlike times past, many women and children are expressing their courage and individuality by refusing to live in families where they are beaten and abused.

Our consciousness is not very old. It is technologically smart, but seemingly not very wise. How can we live together as the family of the Earth? What will we choose for our future? These are the weightiest questions we face. Understanding how families work will help us to understand how we got socialized in our original families and how that socialization carries over into our larger world.

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