Scott Cole: Discover Tai Chi for Fitness


Price: $14.99 - $10.62
(as of Nov 21,2020 16:51:20 UTC – Details)

Get fit inside and out with Discover Tai Chi for Fitness, a new DVD from Scott Cole that offers beautiful breath-filled Chi Kung, powerful Yang-style Tai Chi postures, innovative stretching sequences, effective chair exercises, life-enhancing philosophy, and the opportunity for you to join thousands of healthy people as part of our extended Discover Tai Chi family. Designed in 5 sections to be done individually or collectively depending on your fitness level, Discover Tai Chi for Fitness guides you through: Balance, Strength, Mobility, Flexibility, and Stress-reduction. Bonus sections include a thorough Posture Review, gorgeous Four Corners, and The Art of Tai Chi.

Scott Cole brings Tai Chi to life with effective, easy-to-follow workouts celebrating over 10 years at the helm of the top-selling Discover Tai Chi DVD series. A top wellness lecturer in over 30 countries, Scott is a pioneer of mind/body exercise, a regular on national television, and has been featured in over 500 publications worldwide. ”Relax, breathe, and let your body go where it goes, you’ll be amazed at the results!” – Scott Cole

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