The Final Ciphers and the Return of Christ: Analyzing Prophetic Cycles and Patterns Based on Ancient and End-Time Ciphers From the Bible and History!


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20 Chapters of new prophetic insight including how Covid-19 fits into Biblical End-time signs

In his new landmark book on end-time prophecy, Perry Stone has discovered stunning
information that unlocks ancient ciphers. These ciphers conceal secrets for our
generation that point to Christ’s return! Read about:

  • Unlocking and Understanding God’s Cipher System
  • The Prophetic Ciphers of Two Cities
  • The China Link–The Virus Cycles Echoing Ancient Ciphers of the Roman Empire
  • The Cipher of the Third-Trimester Birth Pangs
  • America’s Ciphers–Parallel with Ancient History
  • Ciphers From the Roman Empire–America’s Death of Conscience and Conviction
  • The Pompeii Cipher and the Forbidden "J" Word
  • The Cipher of the Breach– When America’s Hedge Was Cracked
  • Unlocking the Amazing Methuselah Cipher
  • The Future Cipher of the Image of the Beast
  • Unlocking the Cipher of the Mark of the Beast
  • Interpreting the Cipher of Strange Cosmic Signs
  • Temple Ciphers That Conceal the Rapture Revelation
  • America’s Founders and the Roman Empire Ciphers
  • The Money Cipher–The Clue Before Empires Decline
  • The Cipher of the Seventy-Weeks Prophecy
  • The Adam Cipher and the Missing Seventy Years
  • The Coming Power Transfer from the West Back to the East
  • Who Can Escape What is Coming on the Earth?
  • The Final Ciphers–Warnings for the Church

An important "now word" from one of the nations most informed prophetic ministers.

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