The Spiritual Life


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Formato: Trade Paperback Ano de publicação: 2019
Author: Annie Besant Idioma: Inglês




The Spiritual Life

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Every one who sets himself in earnest to the living of the Inner Life encounters certain obstacles at the very beginning of the pathway thereto, obstacles which repeat themselves in the experience of each, having their basis in the common nature of men. To each wayfarer they seem new and peculiar to himself, and hence give rise to a feeling of personal discouragement which undermines the strength needed for their surmounting. If it were understood that they form part of the common experience of aspirants, that they are always encountered and constantly over-climbed, it may be that some cheer would be brought to the cast-down neophyte by the knowledge. The grasp of a hand in the darkness, the sound of a voice that says: “Fellow-traveller, I have trodden where you tread and the road is practicable”-these things bring help in the night-time, and such a help-bringer this article would fain be.

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Publisher Yesterday’s WORLD Publishing, a
ISBN-10 1912925532
ISBN-13 9781912925537
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Format Trade Paperback
Author Annie Besant
Publication Year 2019
Language English

Weight 5.5 Oz
Width 6in.
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Length 9in.

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Number of Pages 108 Pages
Age Level Trade

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